Ambassador Program

The Role of an Ambassador

  • Attend meetings with the Board of Directors

  • Build your social media presence and audience

  • Organize events, fundraisers, and projects as well as working with people from all over the world

  • Propose and discuss global conflicts we would like to tackle as an organization in all of our locations

  • We have a rolling decision format meaning applications will be considered and decided upon all year

How do I apply?

Click the link above which will lead you to a form to apply, after applying the Board of Directors will look through your application at the end of each term and contact you accordingly.

What is expected of ambassadors every term?

  • 24 hours per term

  • 2 terms per year

  • Log in on spreadsheet and have verified by ambassador director

  • Remain active on social media with reposting or additional accounts

  • Consult before posting on our behalf

  • Ensuring that our views and values are appropriately displayed

  • Minimum of 1 event hosted per term

  • Events include fundraisers, large community meetings, partnerships, etc.

  • Photos must be taken and logged

  • Every donation is logged appropriately

  • Anything published is proofread by a higher officer

  • Attend 90% of meetings